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About T. Photography

Why use professional real estate photographer Teressa Sorensen

  • High Quality Photography

    High Quality Photography

    The next generation of "curb appeal" is here. Teressa's stunning real estate images attract more potential buyers then a fresh coat of paint. Looking at her portfolio you will see that not only does she have an amazing eye and pure talent for beautifully capturing a properties interior, she also has the ability in that same image to display some of Southern Utah's most magnificent backdrops through the windows.

  • Fast Turn-Around

    Fast Turn-Around

    Not only is Teressa super easy to schedule with, but you'll get your images the next business day! Usually real estate photographers take forever to get images back to their clients, but T Photography delivers your images super quick with zero sacrifice on quality.

  • Affordable Price

    Affordable Price

    I know it's crazy right? High Quality Professional Real Estate Photography with a Fast Turn-Around and at a Affordable Price! You running out of reasons to give Teressa a call? Go ahead, check out her pricing plans, review her portfolio and give her a call today!

What Agent's Are Saying...

  • Brian Hickman (Realty Executives)Having been in the Real Estate business for many years, I have used several photographers to take pictures of our new listings.  Teressa is by far one of the best photographers we have ever used.  Her pictures are excellent and the quality is great!  She always shows up on time and is very upbeat and positive.  I would recommend Teressa to anyone that is serious about having high quality professional photo's taken.

    Brian Hickman (Realty Executives)

Recent Work

  • 670-Arguello-Cir-Compressed-15.jpg

    670 Arguello Mesquite Nevada

    This fine home located in Mesquite Nevada was a really fun shoot. It entailed all the things I love about architectural photography. Great color choices, a challenge, and beautiful views. Let’s start with the coloring. Whoever decorated this home had a real eye for bright pops of color and how to use them! Before I even got into the home I was already seeing those blue crystals that I knew I wanted to showcase. Even in the courtyard, normally I would probably skip a courtyard that is this size because they don’t generally showcase well. However this one was just a continuation of the front yard leading to the home and so I wanted to capture that.

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  • 1033-N-2190-W-17.jpg

    St George Utah Remodel

    When I first started photographing homes in St George Utah. Most of the homes I did were vacant. Slowly I started to photograph homes that had stuff in them and a realtor and home owners. Learning to have a great conversation while still taking beautiful photos and keeping on time was definitely a task I have come to master. I love the fact that I am not in an office all day and that I get to meet all kinds of people.

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  • 845-Falcon-Glenn-Dr-14.jpg

    845 Falcon Mesquite Nevada

    This fine home is located in Mesquite Nevada. Although it looks like your average home from the curb, this one is nothing short of perfect. I would say about 10% of the homes I photograph are decorated so perfectly and staged right down to the tissues. These are some of my favorite homes to shoot because the photos come out making that home look like it should be in a magazine. This home was one of them!

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  • 278-Falcon-Court-18.jpg

    278 Falcon Court Southern Utah

    Here in Southern Utah there are many beautiful homes that are used mainly for vacation homes. With everything from a casida to a swimming pool how could you not want to vacation here. It is the perfect home for entertaining with both front and back yard key entertainment features and a bright open floor plan that allows for capturing the views. Light a fire in the courtyard and have a cosy evening with close friends friends, or light the fire pit in the backyard to entertain a larger group and provide fun heat for those late night swims.

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